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Weekly Monday Memo

Every Monday the school sends an email with pertinent details for the school community. If you are not on the mailing list, email

Classroom Communications

One of the benefits of HCCS is that teachers have room to exercise their unique talents and gifts. Every teacher comes with different communication methods/styles. Touch base with your child's teacher so you will know what to expect for communication this year. Every teacher communicates - it's only the method that changes from teacher to teacher!


The school has a very active Facebook page that frequently spotlights activities, students, and aspects of faith and education at HCCS. Click here to follow!


Uniforms are worn at Holy Child Catholic School as a symbol of unity and school pride.

​The uniform policy creates equity among students, a valuable reminder that all students are equally precious in the eyes of God. The wearing of uniforms is a cooperative effort among parents, students, and staff.

The school has the responsibility for maintaining a conducive educational environment. Students and parents share the responsibility for proper dress and grooming.

Gently used uniforms are available on occasion through the school.​

To purchase uniforms please visit and insert the School Code: s2971.

For any questions about uniforms, please give us a call at 505-281-3077 or call the Schoolbelles corporate office at 1-888-637-3037.

Parent Teacher Committee

Parent Teacher Committee Mission:

To promote goodwill between faculty and parents to enhance teacher resources, enrich student learning, and encourage community involvement.

Parent Teacher Committee Goals:

  • Increase Parent Volunteerism

  • Build School Spirit

  • Serve as a Ministry for Holy Child Parish

Contact PTC president:

For ways to get involved please send an email to

HCCS Art Gallery

Doctors of the Church

Holy Child Catholic School is committed to preserving our Catholic intellectual tradition. This is why each of our classrooms is named after a Doctor of the Church.

At the bottom of each page of this website, you will see a photo of a Doctor of the Church and the classroom that honors that particular doctor.