About us

Our History

Holy Child Catholic School is nestled in the beautiful Sandia Mountains. It is situated minutes outside of New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque, but its location is much more rural than urban. Located in the Village of Tijeras, it is part of what is generally referred to as the East Mountains and while it does have students and staff from Albuquerque and Rio Rancho, the majority of the students come from the small communities of Tijeras, Cedar Crest, Sandia Park, Edgewood, Moriarty, and Estancia. 

Holy Child Catholic School is part of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, but its curriculum comes from St. Jerome Academy in Hyattsville, Maryland, which was the first diocesan school to become classical in our generation.  The school community is excited to be part of the flourishing Catholic, classical school movement sweeping the country.

For families seeking a structured, classical Catholic education for their children, Holy Child Catholic School’s opening in 2008 presented a much needed option. Today the school is growing steadily. While classes are kept intentionally small, the school has the joyful problem of gradually outgrowing its current facilities. Exciting times lie ahead as the school continues to grow and develop while fulfilling its Christ-centered educational mission to raise saints and form scholars! 

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of Holy Child Catholic School is to advance the development of the soul, mind, and body through implementation of a rigorous classical curriculum, to foster spiritual and intellectual growth, to develop stewardship of God's gifts, and to inspire a love for the Eucharist and evangelization.  

Our Vision is To create a Christ-centered learning environment forming the whole person where students, staff and parents are inspired to embrace truth, beauty and goodness for the greater glory of God. We use the Doctors of the Church as our guides as we strive towards the Catholic Intellectual Tradition of faith, reason, and understanding of the truth.

Our Philosophy

Holy Child Catholic School is a Christ-centered school where the daily life of the teachers and students revolves around and is permeated by the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are guided and inspired by the example of our Blessed Mother. Our principal goal is the development of the whole child in accordance with the mission of the Church: the salvation of souls. 

The philosophy of the school in general, and the religious education program in particular, is that the school be a continuation of each family's role in "passing on the faith" to its children.  The school views the parents as the primary teacher of values and spirituality, and provides ample opportunities for parents to be involved in the educational process.  

Our Motto

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"
"All for the Greater Glory of God"
Our motto comes from St. Ignatius of Loyola, the patron of our school. Our Ignatian identity means that we emphasize formation, not just the accumulation of information. We pay special attention to the training of the student's memory, intellect, and will, thereby inspiring each one to do everything for God's glory.  

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Learning Expectations

Holy Child Catholic School students strive to meet the "Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs) in their thoughts, words, and actions. These expectations are reflective of the school's unique classical, Catholic, and Ignatian identity.

A Holy Child Student is...

A Christlike individual...

A well-integrated person...

A disciplined scholar...

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Doctors of the Church

Holy Child Catholic School is committed to preserving our Catholic intellectual tradition. This is why each of our classrooms is named after a Doctor of the Church.

At the bottom of each page of this website, you will see a photo of a Doctor of the Church and the classroom that honors that particular doctor.