Holy Child Catholic School is proud to be a part of a movement that seeks the renewal of Classical Education. See the articles & recent opportunities below to discover more about our involvement in this movement! 

HCCS has been mentioned in several articles from the Catholic Playbook Project. View the articles below! 

HCCS Principal Martinez and Principal Durant of JPII Independent School in Wichita, Kansas shared laughs and were excited to unveil the new art pieces for this wonderful, new school in Kansas. (They happen to be the same pieces on our wall!).

Principal Martinez was the keynote speaker for the school's fundraising event entitled "Tuesday on the Terrace." Principal Martinez discussed various pieces of art that both schools share on their walls and how the pieces speak to our identity as Catholic, Classical schools.


Above is the write up for Tuesday on the Terrace and Mrs. Martinez as the keynote speaker. View pictures from event below. 

This article published by the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education features Holy Child Catholic School in their Case Study for the vital need for beauty in our schools

2022 NC Program.pdf

In July 2022, Mrs. Martinez was asked to give several talks at the 10th annual national conference for Catholic, Classical educators at the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education. She spoke about beauty and education, with a particular focus on the art on our walls and our partnership with the St. Luke Guild. She also gave a teaching on Roman History and was invited to help lead a panel for other principals who are part of the Classical movement. While this was all wonderful, what struck her most was the strength and dynamism of the Catholic, Classical movement in our country. How wonderful that our school is part of this national movement. 

HCCS loves Catholic Textbook Project!  Teaching young people the proper framework for their approach to history will change their lives forever as they learn how to find Christ in every event.  Principal Martinez led teachers around the country in a webinar on how to use these magnificent books.


successStory_HCCS (1).pdf

Principal Martinez gave a talk to parents of Chesterton Academy about a classical curriculum and its connection with art. 

HCCS was part of an article in the New York Times Science Section. The Star Partyers of New Mexico by Ramsay de Give and Josephine Sedgwick April 17, 2023

See below, one of our First Graders at our Stargazing Night in Spring of 2023! 

Doctors of the Church

Holy Child Catholic School is committed to preserving our Catholic intellectual tradition. This is why each of our classrooms is named after a Doctor of the Church.

At the bottom of each page of this website, you will see a photo of a Doctor of the Church and the classroom, office, or room that honors that particular Doctor.