Holy Child 

Catholic School

Mission Statement
The mission of Holy Child Catholic School is to advance the development of the soul, mind, and body through implementation of a rigorous classical curriculum, to foster spiritual and intellectual growth, to develop stewardship of God's gifts, and to inspire a love for the Eucharist and evangelization.  

Vision Statement
To create a Christ-centered learning environment which forms the whole person. An environment where students, staff, and parents are inspired to embrace truth, beauty, and goodness for the greater glory of God. 

We participate in the Catholic intellectual tradition with a special focus on the Doctors of the Church. 

"Tucked away in the mountains, we really get to enjoy the true, the good and the beautiful together."

 - Ms. Pamela Stuchly, HCCS teacher.

Classical Curriculum

Current Families

Admissions & Tuition

An Education for the Whole Person

a strong formation in the Catholic faith​ steeped in the wisdom of the Saints 

a staff dedicated to the love of Christ, His Church, and the importance of education 

a classical curriculum crafted by the foundation of the Ancient Scholars 

a vibrant fine arts program  

a rural mountain setting​ with plenty of fresh air 

a focus on studying the best works of Western Civilization  

small class sizes​ 

cultivating wisdom and virtue by nourishing the soul on truth, goodness and beauty 

Holy Child Catholic School is honored to be part of the Cardinal Newman Society Eucharistic Education Task Force! We are focusing on a revival of Eucharistic literacy with a special focus on devotion in the liturgy and during Eucharistic Adoration. In particular, we are forming the mind and the heart in deeper reverence for our cherished Eucharistic Hymns such as "Tantum Ergo"  and "O Salutaris Hostia." 

Glimpses of our days

Listen to the Raising Saints, Forming Scholars Podcast! A Holy Child Catholic School Production.

Our hope is to generate excitement about the unique mission of the Catholic, Classical model of education to you and to our community at large.

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HCCS Art Gallery

Doctors of the Church

Holy Child Catholic School is committed to preserving our Catholic intellectual tradition. This is why each of our classrooms is named after a Doctor of the Church.

At the bottom of each page of this website, you will see a photo of a Doctor of the Church and the classroom that honors that particular doctor.  

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Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam! 

Lord, we have sinned (Daniel 9:5)

Lord, be with our archdiocese as we atone and heal for the sins of sexual abuse. We place ourselves under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

For reporting abuse: https://www.archdiosf.org/report-abuse

Link to Independent audit: AUDIT